Alternate Cooking

Applebox Oven Cook Rack Alternative cooking is grabbing the interest of hundreds of people from many different walks of life. One of the classic alternative cooking methods is the applebox oven. The design is simple; the oven is no more than an applebox covered with aluminum foil, inside and out. The oven is fueled by charcoal. The typical design is to spread a sheet of foil out on the bare ground or cement, place lit charcoal on the foil, and place pop cans or tin cans filled with rocks on the corners. A metal baking rack is balanced on top of the cans -- one can under each corner -- and the food goes on the cook rack. After that, the apple box oven is placed over everything -- rack, cans, charcoal, and food. It is an incredibly easy-to-use oven and you can bake anything in it. Our goal was to take this time-tried design and make it even more convenient and easy to use.

Applebox Oven The idea of the box oven itself, which has been around for ages, is a good one -– but is rarely used except in cases of emergency. It's great in power outages or if you're away from home without a way to cook food. Our goal was to take this great alternative cooking method and make it so user-friendly that you'll want to use it every day -– not just in an emergency. What we offer is a more stable and convenient way to use your oven. Rather than balancing a metal rack on cans, we've designed a cook rack that simplifies applebox oven cooking. The AppleboxOven Cook Rack contains your charcoal, catches any ash that may be produced, and has a metal baking rack to hold your food all fastened together securely. The entire rack is supported by wooden legs so you can even use it on a picnic table, rather than cooking all of your food close to the ground.

Making an Applebox Oven Here on the site, you will find great tools that can benefit you in your box oven cooking, even if you aren't using our cook rack. We have fire-starting basics (since you will need to light your charcoal to fuel the oven), and we've included directions for making the apple box oven itself, in case you don't already have one. After learning all about it, you'll want to start using one!

If you are using our cook rack, you will find quite a few useful tools that will enhance your box oven cooking experience. We've also included videos showing you “how to” essentials for applebox oven cooking. From starting a fire and lighting charcoals to making your own applebox oven, we'll try to guide you through all the beginning stages of learning box oven baking.

The benefits of using a box oven are numerous, so we invite you to check out the idea. Box oven cooking is not just for experts. It's not just for emergencies. Whether you are investigating the idea, looking for tips, or purchasing our unique AppleboxOven Cook Rack, we hope you find this site helpful. Have fun!